Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hot Hack #006: Henry Biggs

Did I hear the word "smouldering"? Well it's one we've not used thus far on THHB - been saving it for a special occasion don't you know. Exhibit A - car enthusiast, UK Press regular, and all-round nice guy (girls...he likes Horseriding and has dogs), Henry Biggs. I think you'll agree, smouldering is the word. Look at those eyes - aren't they pretty?

Anyway, what sort of a hack is he? Well, Henry is the content editor for MSN Cars... (but he still likes horses girls) having previously been at The Sun - where he was a health features writer, and a couple of glamorous PR roles for Sony, Columbia TriStar, and BMW.

He's also confident enough to unbutton what appears to be three or four of his shirt buttons in his editor's picture - yummy.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hot Hack #005: Andrea-Marie Vassou

Thank the Lord for internet video. Over the last year or two, developments in compression and streaming technology, coupled with increasing broadband speeds has meant that the web has been opened up as a medium for video content. The folks over at Incisive Media (formerly VNU) have taken this up and decided to get their consumer technology hacks reviewing stuff in front of a camera. Why is THHB making this out to be such a great thing? Step forward Andrea-Marie Vassou, a little Mediterranean bundle of hotness that somehow stumbled into a job which involves writing about the secret life of Internet Service Providers and reviewing bluetooth headphones.

THHB doesn't know too much about Andrea, only that we feel compelled to buy anything that's recommended by her on Computeractive TV. More of her reviews are available here, I'm off to buy a Sanyo Xacti HD camcorder.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Hot Hack #004: Mark Dye

The girls at THHB were beginning to feel left out... "surely there must be some male hack eye-candy for us to celebrate" was becoming a phrase muttered all too often. Fear not ladies - writer, editor, consultant and general all round media superhero Mark Dye today becomes our first hot hack to own a Y chromosome.... let him be the first of many.

Mark's career has taken him as far afield as Australia and Korea where he has interviewed the likes of Bob Geldof, Adolfo Cambiaso and The Chemical Brothers along the way - a far cry from his days as a reporter with The Eastern Daily Press and GGIC.

He has an extensive knowledge of the communications space and specialised in the disaster recovery markets for two years while Managing Editor at Zerodowntime.

From Mark's Facebook page, we've discovered a few things about him that you might not know.

Mark, 32, lives in Highgate and supports Liverpool FC - he also edits VAIONation, which appears to be a filmy, musicy community site for up and coming talent. Mark's rough-around-the-edges boy about town look makes his "in a relationship" status even more disappointing, but if you're feeling cheeky, you can always poke him.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hot Hack #003: Kelly Dyer

Apparently, World Pipelines magazine has a circulation of over 10,000. But unless you're in the Oil and Gas industry, you've probably not even heard of it, let alone read it. With features spanning the wonders of Inspection Pigging and Cathodic Protection, one wouldn't expect the editorial content of the nation's leading pipeline mag to be managed by anyone other than a man with a beard, a pipe, and a degree in advanced fuel transportation physics from Imperial College.

Kelly Dyer has none of these things - and isn't a man. What's more, she's rather easy on the eye as it turns out. According to a recent Featuresexec profile, Kelly worked her way up through the ranks at Palladian (stablemates include World Cement and Hydrocarbon Engineering), where her editorship comes with the bonus of puppy dog eyes are enough to burst valves in pipelines across the world. If there's a pipe being lain, Kelly's probably there taking note.... now, where's my shovel?

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hot Hack #002: Lisa Campbell

Who said trade journalism isn't just oozing with fabulousness? For those who think that the consumer media is bringing sexy back, think again. Earlier this year, Broadcast magazine acquired its very own minx of an editor - Lisa Campbell. With a background firmly in media and marketing reporting, Lisa's CV spans PR Week, Campaign, and Marketing before moving east from Hammersmith to a position as Deputy Editor of Broadcast in 2003.

She's now taken on the top role, with her own weekly editorial column which is the perfect opportunity to have a cheeky glance at that wonderful headshot and claim that you're involved in some in-depth media analysis

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hot Hack #001: Wersha Bharadwa

You've seen her numerous Response Source emails for Cosmo and Glamour; if you're not Asian, you've probably spent a while working out how to pronounce her name properly; if you were lucky, you'll have read her great piece in yesterday's G2 on how to blag your way into Bollywood. Now ladies and gents, I give you the first journalist to grace the "pages" of THHB - Wersha Bharadwa.

Most people wouldn't get away with the red carpet stunts that Wersha describes in her feature, but she manages to pull it off, due mainly to the fact that she's gorgeous. Describing herself as an experienced and versatile journalist on her Freelance Writers' Database entry, Wersha writes on anything from health, homes, relationships, celebs and entertainment, to real life stories.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Hot Hack Blog is born

In the town called media-ville, there are certain stereotypes that can be found wandering the high streets. Cashing their under-inflated paychecks, expensing lunches or having lunches expensed for them. The perennially baggy-eyed and shouty news editors, the ultra precious post production bod, the freelance producer - lurking in dark alleys looking to score a programme or two, and the most promiscuous of all, the PR bunny. Known for their sharp dress sense, and their parties at the hottest club openings, the PR bunny is characterised by a distinct lack of knowledge about their clients, journalists, and their one redeeming feature... their good looks. For a long time the bunnies have been eye-candy for countless journalists, with the notion of attractive hacks being dismissed as a mere Chimera. The Hot Hack Blog has been created to dispell this idea, by celebrating the best looking journalists in media-ville - nominations welcome.