Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hot Hack #006: Henry Biggs

Did I hear the word "smouldering"? Well it's one we've not used thus far on THHB - been saving it for a special occasion don't you know. Exhibit A - car enthusiast, UK Press regular, and all-round nice guy (girls...he likes Horseriding and has dogs), Henry Biggs. I think you'll agree, smouldering is the word. Look at those eyes - aren't they pretty?

Anyway, what sort of a hack is he? Well, Henry is the content editor for MSN Cars... (but he still likes horses girls) having previously been at The Sun - where he was a health features writer, and a couple of glamorous PR roles for Sony, Columbia TriStar, and BMW.

He's also confident enough to unbutton what appears to be three or four of his shirt buttons in his editor's picture - yummy.