Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Hot Hack Blog is born

In the town called media-ville, there are certain stereotypes that can be found wandering the high streets. Cashing their under-inflated paychecks, expensing lunches or having lunches expensed for them. The perennially baggy-eyed and shouty news editors, the ultra precious post production bod, the freelance producer - lurking in dark alleys looking to score a programme or two, and the most promiscuous of all, the PR bunny. Known for their sharp dress sense, and their parties at the hottest club openings, the PR bunny is characterised by a distinct lack of knowledge about their clients, journalists, and their one redeeming feature... their good looks. For a long time the bunnies have been eye-candy for countless journalists, with the notion of attractive hacks being dismissed as a mere Chimera. The Hot Hack Blog has been created to dispell this idea, by celebrating the best looking journalists in media-ville - nominations welcome.