Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hot Hack #005: Andrea-Marie Vassou

Thank the Lord for internet video. Over the last year or two, developments in compression and streaming technology, coupled with increasing broadband speeds has meant that the web has been opened up as a medium for video content. The folks over at Incisive Media (formerly VNU) have taken this up and decided to get their consumer technology hacks reviewing stuff in front of a camera. Why is THHB making this out to be such a great thing? Step forward Andrea-Marie Vassou, a little Mediterranean bundle of hotness that somehow stumbled into a job which involves writing about the secret life of Internet Service Providers and reviewing bluetooth headphones.

THHB doesn't know too much about Andrea, only that we feel compelled to buy anything that's recommended by her on Computeractive TV. More of her reviews are available here, I'm off to buy a Sanyo Xacti HD camcorder.