Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hot Hack #001: Wersha Bharadwa

You've seen her numerous Response Source emails for Cosmo and Glamour; if you're not Asian, you've probably spent a while working out how to pronounce her name properly; if you were lucky, you'll have read her great piece in yesterday's G2 on how to blag your way into Bollywood. Now ladies and gents, I give you the first journalist to grace the "pages" of THHB - Wersha Bharadwa.

Most people wouldn't get away with the red carpet stunts that Wersha describes in her feature, but she manages to pull it off, due mainly to the fact that she's gorgeous. Describing herself as an experienced and versatile journalist on her Freelance Writers' Database entry, Wersha writes on anything from health, homes, relationships, celebs and entertainment, to real life stories.