Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hot Hack #015 Pete Cashmore

Mmm...there are so many reasons to love Pete Cashmore. He's a handsome, Scottish, rich-or-soon-to-be geek who claims to be 'uncorruptible' - what girl can resist that challenge?!

Oh and he's officially 'too handsome for Michael Arrington to bear'. Love that.

The Mashable superstar is Britain's loss, having recently decamped to San Francisco. He's now installed as a full time hot-party boy if reports on tech-gossip rags are to be believed - not to mention, when was the last time he wrote something for Mashable? This boy's a delegator and that too, is good to see.

Uber-gossip machine, Valleywag, have been stoking the fires of the Pete Cashmore phenomenon, with headlines like 'All the hot Pete Cashmore action you can handle and 'Pete Cashmore - more, more, more'

Long may the Pete Cashmore cult continue we say.