Monday, 14 April 2008

Hot Hack #014: Katie Lee

Apparently, there are these things called "blogs", written by people called bloggers... they just write stuff on the internets, and folk it.... amazing.

Ok, so we can't fake ignorance here, THHB is actually a blog, so we must know what they are...ish. The only problem is we're not anything like as well read as Shiny Media's collection. Editorial director Katie Lee got into the web publishing game well ahead of the pack and is now one of the top bods (pun intended) behind the UK's biggest blogging outfit.

But her hack credentials are second to none, freelancing for The Observer, The Indie, Look Magazine, The Telegraph, The Sun, appearing on The Gadget Show.. the list goes on. And as for the hotness qualification... hello? You have eyes right? It's just not questionable. Katie is hawt!