Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hot Hack #011: Amanda Lorenzani

If there's one thing we're keen to celebrate at THHB its cultural diversity. Mixing genes can only be a great thing for the human race... our logic is that inbreeding is bad, therefore "outbreeding" is good. We're not scientists, but we do have some scientific evidence to back up this crazy theory. Exhibit A: Amanda Lorenzani the hack behind Excite's Webtwitcher. Splitting her time between London and Rome, you've gotta deduce there's some good genetics here to produce such astounding hotness.
Amanda has actually spent some time as a flack (Brands2Life we think) and also heads up Italy's Girl Geek Dinners initiative. Our tips for seducing the simply gorgeous Lorenzani is a nice bottle of red wine, a vintage episode of Top Gear (maybe the one where they cause something from Kiki De Montparnasse and some good chat about mobile social networking. Forza Amanda!